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Free Speech - VoIP Telephony Service

FreeSpeech© is a new Internet Telephony service available to business and residential customers throughout the south-east of Ireland.

Gaisan FreeSpeech© enables customers to use their existing broadband internet connections to make telephone calls and delivers substantial cost savings over standard fixed-line costs.
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Gaisan Technologies - FreeSpeech VoIP Service

Residential & Business VoIP - means cheaper calls for you!

Please read the following instructions carefully and take a few minutes to consider your answers. Please provide as much information as possible, this will enable us to determine your broadband capabilities and VoIP requirements more accurately. This form is NOT a contract, we simply use the information to determine your VoIP requirements.

Please contact us directly if you have any comments or queries.

1. Contact Details:


2. VoIP Requirements:

Do you require VoIP for Business or Residential use?

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3. Broadband Connection details:

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If Other
, please specify operator and services type:

If possible, specify approximate upstream/downstream bandwidth:

Do you require an 051 number?

4. Cable/Wireless/Fibre customers only:

Do you wish us to disconnect your existing phone line?

Do you wish us to avail of our CPS offering providing cheaper calls over your standard phoneline?

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5. Business customers only:

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6. Any other Comments:

Other Considerations or Requirements?

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