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An eCommerce website acts as the online store front for the products and services you wish to sell.

Your website visitors are, for the most part simply 'window shoppers'. The purpose of any good eCommerce website is to convert these 'window shoppers' into 'buyers' and in turn convert these 'buyers' into continual repeat business.
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1. Contact Details:


2. Domains & Hosting:

Do you already have a domain name registered?

If not, what Domain Name will be used?

Do hosting arrangements need to be made or will you need it set up?

3. Primary Goals of this Website:

What will be the primary function of this website?

Only to provide information
To help increase your market
Sell your product(s) or service(s) online
To re-design an existing website

If Other, please state the primary function of this website

Define the product(s) or the service(s) you intend to offer:

Who are your target audience?

4. Content:

What content do you plan to include?

How much content is already written?

How many pages the site will include (a rough guess)?

How often will the content on your site be updated?

5. Design Style/Tone:

What Style or Tone do you want to your website to convey?

What Message do you want to convey?

6. Example website you like:

If you've seen any other web sites you particularly like, list them below. We use this information to try best understand the kind of design or design elements you like.

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7. Estimated Budget:

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Other Considerations or Requirements?

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