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Software for the Business Community

Gaisan VoIP Consulting and Services

Gaisan has considerable expertise in the design and delivery of VoIP systems.

Web Design & Development

Gaisan personnel have many years experience in the creation of professional quality websites with distinctive visual appeal together with impressive content and features. For further details see our portfolio.

Our web design services extend to corporate indentity activities such as:

  • Standards compliant Web Design (get your free quote now)
  • eCommerce Development (see our Storefront packages for details)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (Why Optimise?)
  • Content Management System (CMS) development and intergration
  • Brochure and poster design
  • Flash development & animation to give your website extra visual appeal

Business Continuity Planning

According to a report by DELL & EMC, close to 70% of SME's in Ireland are not prepared for an information system related disaster. Approximately 40% of businesses that do experience such a disaster are closed within 1 year. These startling statistics indicate poor IT preparation and Business Continuity Planning throughout Irish SMEs. Gaisan is developing innovative software to help make enterprise level BCP and disaster recovery systems available to all Irish businesses. In the meantime you can avail of our BCP services where we create a comprehensive business continuity plan including secure remote data archival.

Computer Hardware sales

Gaisan Technologies resells a diverse mix of electronic appliances and computer equipment ranging from digital cameras to high-end digital projectors and server racks.