Gaisan Technologies - Software for the business Community, Web Design, Graphic Design, Custom Software Development, VoIP, Mambo

Software for the Business Community

Gaisan Technologies was founded in late 2004 by a group of IT professionals based in the South of Ireland. In Gaisan's experience, many small enterprises find the cost of leading-edge IT prohibitive. This results in inefficient use of computing resources and technology and poor IT security and business continuity planning. Gaisan aims to help smaller businesses to improve the functionality, stability and security of their information systems by using best-of-breed software systems.

The development team at Gaisan have many years experience in the following technologies and disciplines.

Web Development :

  • Custom Website design and coding
  • Graphic design - including: logo design, branding, and identity
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Custom Software Engineering :

  • Voice-over-IP
  • Enterprise Software development including J2EE & .NET
  • Telecommunications Software development
  • Mobile Software development for Java-based J2ME mobiles
  • Fault-tolerant and Self-organising software using technologies such as Peer-2-Peer
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Building on Experience

The development team at Gaisan Technologies have been delivering advanced software solutions for many years.

We deliver an affordable high quality solution to all our clients, large or small.