Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-20

  • @paulmwatson looks very taster. some great jquery tools out there #
  • @thenext100k we should have checked their credentials 1st. They needed their own bailout soon after #
  • @thenext100k question to ML. “So if we don’t put the debt burden on the ppl, multimillionaire bankers like u might suffer. What shd we do??” #
  • The European Fiasco Suicide Fund explained (sort of) #
  • @brian_foley watching the same match & I agree. ESPN’s football reporting is often bizarre #
  • @colettebrowne it does seem to be somewhat tangential to anything that matters a damn but it’s an easy story to spin #
  • @declanganley lucky we’re living in a democracy 😉 #
  • @alicecharles Anglo’s case is mere optics. Politicians giving us (& the ecb) a pseudo tough but ineffectual stance on large bank debtors #
  • RT @businessinsider: NIALL FERGUSON: Here’s What Europe Will Be Like In 2021 < future dystopia shock #