About Me

I’m an IT Consultant and Professional Dispute Mediator.

I’m a partner in ARC Mediation, a practice I founded in 2010 and one of then largest mediation practices in the country with expertise in workplace, commercial and family mediation. This is a very rewarding if occasionally stressful job.

I worked as an IT researcher and later Telecoms Software Architect from 1999 until 2012  in the TSSG research group in Waterford Ireland. At that point I decided to make civil, commercial & family mediation my full time job. I haven’t looked back since.

Owing to my background as an engineer, I often describe my mediation style & methodology as “a relationship mechanic”. Apparently I’m a good one and I read all the latest manuals to keep up to date.

I’m interested in what could politely be described as nerdsome pursuits including statistics, economics and electronic music production. I have been known to have a go at entrepreneurship and am a director of a business that sells art products in Ireland, UK and the US based on the water-colour art of Roisin O’Shea. This has included placemats, coasters, jigsaws, calendars and fine arts prints.

My sporty activities involve hiking and occasionally  surfing in freezing cold waters near Tramore, Waterford. I have far too much hiking gear, which I sometimes review on this blog.