Yes Siri

It’s here and it works. Despite a notable bug that means you have to disable/restart to get it to work, I’ve found it to be genuinely useful and usable. So far, I’ve used it to calculate areas, find facts, send emails, setup a reminder and do pretty similar things to those I use wolfram alpha for. Voice command curve-fitting could be very tedious though 🙂

No coincidence of course as Siri uses alpha at the backend for much of the “personal assistant” knowledge finding tasks I’ve described. There’s some cool tricks described here at The morse code feature is particularly geeky/nerdy and I’m looking forward to trying it out with my colleague and ham radio enthusiast, John Ronan, on Monday.

siri_picOverall, this is really cool technology that should give app developers some pause for thought when deciding how best to integrate it into their user interfaces.