region-free hack for Yamaha s540

I’ve a big fan of Yamaha DVD and sound projector equipment. Generally I find Yamaha gear performs as well as much more expensive systems. Most hifi-mags agree. A while back I purchased the Yamaha s540 DVD player as it had some nice features and was supposedly easily hackable to be region free. Well it is but the instructions on many hack sites simply don’t cut it, as I found out last night. You need to follow these steps.

  1. Switch on the player
  2. Open the disk tray by pressing stop on the yamaha remote control
  3. Press on-screen which should show the current region setting of the player
  4. Press 99990 on the remote control. Repeat this until your TV shows the player has shown to region 0. (I had to repeat this 5 times before it worked. It took quite a while to figure out I had to repeat the code multiple times :))
  5. Hit enter/ok on the remote. This will close the tray
  6. Open the tray again and insert the DVD you wish to play

I’ve posted this as it was bloody painful finding this out and it took a few hours of digging to find out entering the code generally requires multiple attempts.