Funniest joke in America

Is clearly Sarah Palin. It’s difficult to know where to start. She’s against “pork barrel” spending but signed off on the very funding applications she’s now saying are ridiculous. Perhaps, she’s misunderstood and just doesn’t want to buy barrels full of pork. Maybe that “lipstick on a pig” comment was too close to the bone. When Hilary Clinton was running for the democrat nomination she made the following statement in relation to Mrs. Clinton’s assertion that some of the media were sexist in their attacks.

Fair or unfair—and I do think that it’s a more concentrated criticism that Hillary gets on so many fronts; I think that’s unfortunate. But fair or unfair, I think she does herself a disservice to even mention it, really. You have to plow through that and know what you’re getting into.

Yep, that’s the same Sarah Palin that’s been shying away from the media interviews. What happened to “plow through that”. I suspect she’s worried that her lack of experience will embarrass her party. Well, Bush has been abusing the English language, invading foreign countries and generally running the white house with all the dignity of a college fraternity.
It’s taken him 7 years to shame the republicans so how bad can Palin be?
The answer lies in her comprehensive lack of experience. McCain chided Obama for being too young and green to be president. That didn’t work so he’s found an obviously telegenic governor of a huge if sparsely populated area to be his running mate. Before her 2006 promotion Mrs. Palin had done nothing more significant than the major of a town the size of Tramore. Her rhetoric against what she views as wasteful government spending is hypocritical. Her stated fiscal conservatism is undermined by her raising the debt of the TINY town of Wasilla Alaska from almost nothing to around 4 million dollars in her short term of office.
So what about her politics? Well she believes creationism should be discussed in public schools and advocates the teaching of intelligent design. She supports capital punishment and the right to bear arms. She’s also got a grudge against Polar bears as their listing as an endangered species gets in the way of oil exploration. I’ll be that gives the GOPs a tingle down their spine (at the least) She believes in the Bush Doctrine of preemptive strikes against potential aggressors even if she didn’t know it was called the “Bush Doctrine”. She needs to watch more Fox news obviously. So basically, Palin fits right in with the republican party. She’s the neo-con poster child.
I used to have some respect for McCain. He was obviously more intelligent and measured than Bush. I didn’t realise he was morally bankrupt though. I could be kind and suggest it’s dementia that led him to chose Palin as his running mate but it has the cold calculated feel of moral bankruptcy. The “I’ll do anything to get into power” feeling you only get from giving the horde (aka the republican party) a denominator common and low enough to get excited about.
The unfunny side of this is that the rest of the world has little faith in the American electorate following 2 terms of Dubya.