Channel 4 docus about jesus freaks

I’m really hopeful Channel 4 will stop showing programmes about Christian fundamentalists in the US. There are so many of them, they’re so friggin nuts and they’re making me depressed. I’m hopeful this crazy ass thinking will be slightly less popular when George Jihad Bush leaves the White House. Hopefully a democrat will end up there. I’d prefer Obama but that may not happen as there’s at least one state that can’t get over the “Hussein” in his name as John Stewart illustrated to hilarious and poignant effect.
A recent show called Jesus Camp showed kids being told by a grown if completely insane woman that “Warlocks are evil” and that “in the old testament Harry Potter would have been put to death”. The tears started to flow as the kids realised that Harry Potter was incompatible with life as a god-fearing, war-mongering, zealot nutjob their mammy and daddy want them to be. Happy kids? Not likely, they spent the time they weren’t being indoctrinated being terrified with the thoughts of final judgement. Still, they were told god was attending the camp so there was a point to all this. The organiser seemed breathlessly unstable. Imagine the kind of sick parents who send their kids to these camps. Disturbing stuff.
On a lighter note, can anybody figure out where LOST is actually going?