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Build a better remix

Having finally gotten the hang of virtual dj I’m amazed how easy it is to create high quality mixes with a relatively ordinary computer equipment. This mix (Orbital and the brilliant Lamb)was done on my laptop which is an overclocked Rock Direct Extreme Edition. As before, audio files are identified using the RSS 2.0 enclosures tag for those at the bleeding edge. Be warned, it’s a 9 meg download. Anyway, that’s me done on mixing for a while. I’ll get back to all things techie and scientific ASAP.

First audio blog is a remix !

Virtual DJ wins hands down. The effects are amazing, the interface is really nice once you get used to it and it’s very very powerful. I’d have no reservation in recommending this package to anybody who wants to try out mp3 mixing at home or professionally. I finally got to play around with it a bit today and I was very impressed. Haven’t quite gotten used to it yet but I mixed up some music and uploaded it to the site in case anybody’s interested. This should also test the RSS Enclosures plugin I’ve been playing around with aswell… The song is U2’s Mofo mixed with Orbital’s Lush3.1 and is available here Could be a smoother mix (by a long way) but it’s not the worst…

Digital Mixing

Currently evaluating various digital mp3/wav based software mixing packages. Ots Turntables and Virtual DJ.
Current mixes include the (I can’t believe what I’m hearing) Bacharach meets Beastie Boys meets the Prodigy… It’s every bit as tongue-in-cheek bad as it sounds. Expect a Ch00n-tastic audio blog sometime soon 😛
Not ready to pick a winner yet but these are both excellent packages. Intuitive, powerful with excellent sound quality, tasteful effects and. I’m not sure I’d prefer them to a high quality CD mixing system from someone like Technics I have to say that they’re relatively cheap and damn powerful. I think Virtual DJ will just shade it on features but I prefer the interface of Ots Turntables.