John Martyn’s playing in Cork

I’m a big fan of the music of 70s singer songwriterjohn martyn as most of my friends will testify. In particular the album solid air (pictured) which never loses its magical quality no matter how many times I listen to it. John’s wonderful and deeply expressive voice together with his stunning acoustic technique are something to behold in concert. So I was delighted to learn that he’s playing in DeBarra’s in Clonakilty, Cork on December 4th.
For those of you not familiar with his music here’s a lyrical sample from “I don’t want to know”

Sometimes it gets so hard to listen
Hard for us to use our eyes
All around the cold is glistening
Making sure it keeps us hypnotized
I don’t want to know about evil
I only want to know about love
I don’t want to know one thing about evil
I only want to know about love