da vinci code

Not going to post a review of the book yet but I solved the second puzzle riddles @ dan brown’s website so I’ll post those for my mates so they can check their answers against mine.

  1. the mona lisa
  2. paris (louvre museum)
  3. the priory of sion (although they SHOULD accept priori de sion aswell 😉
  4. kryptos (friend of mine told me about this. it’s a sculpture in the garden of the CIA headquarters in langley, virginia)
  5. WW (look at the previous link)
  6. is there no help for the widows son (masonic phrase)
  7. masons (obviously enough)
  8. e pluribus unum which means “out of many, one” and is located on the great seal of the US(stumped me for a while until I remembered some of the masonic symbols on the dollar bill, the founding fathers could have formed their own lodge :-D)
  9. click her right eye (your left) as droit means right in french

So there you go treasure hunters. Gee, I loved that book. One of the most exciting and entertaining reads in a long time. Coincidentally (if you believe in such things) I read a book called The Golden Ratio by Mario Livio just before I read the Da Vinci Code. The result of all this was that I was well primed for the 1st few clues. Especially the crime scene sequence and the bank account number based on the fibonacci series. Still, great book.