advertising standards

I find it more than a little surprising that with the UK in an economic crisis neither the advertising standards authority nor the financial regulator seems to have a problem with extremely “short term” credit solutions being advertised with effective APR’s of over 2500%. This may be a perfectly legitimate service but not one without significant risks to the borrower. I think it’s immoral to charge such an interest rate under any circumstances and I doubt I’m the only person who finds it offensive!?

Also, if you’re going to “convert your gold into cash” then check that the gold watch you’re getting melted down isn’t worth significantly more in an auction. Solid gold vintage Jaeger LeCoultre’s and Rolexes (displayed in 2 advertisements) are worth more than the market value of their precious minerals if they’re in reasonable condition. It’s really up to regulators to ensure that customers are adequately informed before availing of new financial services