isn’t it ironic

I read this over at Chancer Central (aka the fianna fail website).
It is the very definition of irony that after 400+ million Euro woth of tribunals which were expensed to the tax payer specfiically to investigate serious incidents of corruption in public office in which members of several parties including FF participated we get a statement like

“Declan Ganley needs to be far more open and transparent if his Libertas group are to be taken seriously as a political party, according to Timmy Dooley TD, Vice Chairman of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on European Affairs.”

Sure, there’s a few grains of truth in this and Libertas aren’t doing their cause much good by being secretive but anyone who believes that FF or any of the other parties are in some fantastic position of moral authority needs their head examined.
As I’ve said before, our electoral system is fundamentally flawed. Promoting the election of too many representatives for such a small country leads to this contradiction of responsibility where TDs and Ministers make decisions for their parish rather than for their country.