Klipsch image x-10s

Today my new pair of headphones finally arrived. Klipsch Image X-10’s. I ordered the Klipsch when my etymotic research er6i’s failed (for the second time). I also have a pair of Shure e2c’s so I’ve some experience with premium in-ear phones and what to listen for. I remember getting the etymotics first and marvelling at the clarity and of the sound. The sound isolation was very effective with the correct choice of bud to ensure a snug fit. I was a bit disappointed with the intensity of bass and midrange sounds but I could generally get a great sound by playing with the equaliser settings. The er6i’s are great headphones for the money. However, they had 2 problems which I found unacceptable in premium headphones. The part of the headphones that sits in your ear is actually quite bulky and heavy. Perhaps it was just me but they would become uncomfortable after a few hours. The second issue is the chord’s connection to the transducer in the headphone units. This came loose for me under normal usage. I’ve had quite a few headphones and they all still work except the etymotics where this problem occurred twice. Still, I appreciate I could have been unlucky and I wouldn’t discourage anybody from buying Etymotic products.
So on to the Klipsch phones. Well after a few hours of listening to a variety of tracks from my extensive and eclectic collection I’ve only good things to say about them. Unlike the Etymotics the default silicone bud fitting was ideal for me so I appreciate this is a stroke of luck more than great design. However, the subtlety and balance of the midrange sounds is superior. The bass feels very natural, especially coming from so small a driver. It is deep and full. The treble is excellent with a fast-ish response that lends itself to listening to acoustic rock, classical and especially jazz.
After 4 hours of listening to them today I can’t think of a single ergonomic improvement I’d make. They’re svelte and incredibly comfortable. The real test of any of these headphones is do they make you want to listen to rediscover albums from your collection, knowing the phones will bring out new sounds that were previously lost. Well, the answer to this one is obvious.
It’s a huge thumbs up for Klipsch. I hope they hold up to everyday use and I’ll post an update in another few months.