Now look what they’ve Dunne

So, Ben Dunne suggested he’d run as an anti-Lisbon candidate in the forthcoming European elections on liveline today. Personally, I think he’s exactly the kind of plain-speaking yet shrewd businessman we could do with to represent our interests in the EU parliament. Throughout his career Mr Dunne has proven that he couldn’t give a fiddlers what anyone thinks of him which diameterically opposes him with many of the ingratiating “politicians” (in the perjorative sense of course) that we have right now. He’d have no allegiance to any party as he’s happily given donations to almost all of them and criticised them all in equal measure. Sure, he’s a maverick but in the best sense. Whether the government foists the treaty upon us again or not, Ben Dunne should strongly consider this as a great way to serve the country he regularly proclaims that he loves.