another lisbon rant

I’ll keep it short this time. It’s nice to see BIFFOT, Starched Suit and Eamonn Gilmore, the respective leaders of the main parties in this state saying how important the treaty is for the future of Ireland at a press conference yesterday. This and many other commentators have been arguing that for a few months how. This vote is extremely important for our future and hopefully the Irish electorate will embarass the motley crew above who don’t want to have to go back to their European party colleagues and explain to them that the referendum wasn’t ‘in the bag’ as they say. This is the most important vote the Irish people have ever had (and will ever have if they ratify it). It affects the lives of half a billion people, most of which are not being given the opportunity to have a say on this treaty and many of which (around 80 million) have already rejected some of the contents of the treaty in earlier referenda.
A few people have said to me that it’s a credit to Europe that we’re getting to vote on this. Actually, it’s got little to do with Europe and everything to do with Bunreacht Na h’Eireann. Lisbon is truly the biggest sourest lemon an Irish government has ever tried to sell us.
If you’re still feeling like voting yes then read Shane Ross’s blog post on the subject. Having read that if you still want to vote Yes I suggest you spend the rest of this week in Estonia looking for investment property bargains safe in the knowledge that the “soft landing” is just around the corner.