It’s with a sense of nostalgia that I looked at Paul’s video of the new FeedHenry offices in Waterford. The reason being that I used to be based there in what increasingly seems like a previous life. That was when I shared an office with Brendan Jennings and Sven van der Meer as the leader of the TSSG’s Services & Frameworks group. Those were actually pretty cool times and I’m looking forward to going back and seeing what they’ve done with the place.
While skimming Paul’s blog I also saw a reference to Empire’s list of the 50 best tv shows. In response to Paul’s query about Scully in the X-Files. I saw Ms. Anderson standing a few feet away in London once.. and the TV doesn’t do justice 🙂
Now, the list itself is arse. Seriously where in the top 10 is MASH, one of the most influential TV shows of all time? MSG may be addictive but 2nd best show ever? Yeah, it was good but that good? Then there’s LOST which makes me feel seasick as it’s chaotic sea of plots bob and sway. Every episode I feel they jump a new shark!