a fairytale

There was once a charismatic and likable man who ran for the most important political office in the world. When the man spoke, his words captured the imagination of a public tired of a decade of right-wing conservative rhetoric. He promised change and the public believed he had the conviction and ability to realise it. His youth and relative lack of experience was attacked by his fearful opponents. His wife and marriage were ridiculed. His religious beliefs were debated. Evidence of drug taking was brought to light. His opponents tried anything to convince the voters that they couldn’t entrust this man with the running of their country. He was “naieve”, he’d “couldn’t make tough decisions”…
The pollsters confused matters, perhaps they asked the wrong voters, but his message was compelling and it won through. The voters had had enough of war, Republicans and the Bush family and they emphatically voted for change. The candidate in question was William Jefferson Clinton.
It’s no small irony that many of the attack’s against Obama’s candidacy resonate with those against Bill Clinton during his first presidential campaign. Nobody would dispute the great work Bill has done since he left office but it ill behooves him and arguably impacts his effectiveness and credibility to be campaigning in such a dismissive manner against a young African American man who represents pretty much everything Clinton championed during his presidency. Indeed, I can’t help but feel that if Hillary wasn’t in the race Bill would be applauding rather than criticising Obama’s candidacy. It’s a credit to Barack Obama that his campaign has been one of respect, honesty and principle. Now that’s a refreshing change.