Another exhibition at Manifesto

We’re running another exhibition in Manifesto at the moment. It’s titled “New Blue” and features work from painters who’ve recently come to Waterford. As usual we’ve a wide range of work with sizes to suit all homes and prices ranging from around 500 euro to 5000 euro. I’ve added pictures to my flickr account so readers can see the opening. It’s really great to be involved in the arts in Ireland and I’ve huge admiration for those who make a successful living from it. Despite the tax breaks, most Irish artists aren’t massively wealthy and I think the Irish people often get a misleading take from the popular press. For every Enya or Bono there are hundreds if not thousands of struggling artists bravely doing their thing. They should be encouraged as helping to perpetuate a long Irish tradition of artistic endeavour and creativity. Which nicely brings me on to my next comment.
We run an open day on Saturdays when new artists can come and show us their work. This has been massively successful and there’s scarcely a Saturday where we’re not inundated with artists showing new and interesting work. These include painters, ceramicists and jewellers from pretty much everywhere. We’ve artists from China, Australia, Russia, Italy etc. It’s all going very well but we’re always on the lookout for new work so if you know anybody interested then call the gallery on +353 51 853333 or drop me a mail at Removing the obvious spam avoidance text. If you want to be traditional our postal address is.

Manifesto Gallery & Retail Emporium
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