The 64 Trillion dollar question

Have Steorn actually discovered a way to harness a free, renewable and plentiful energy source which will completely change the world? If it’s a hoax, it’s one of the most compelling of all time. If their serious and IF (very BIG IF) the technology is feasible it would bring about a fundamental shift in technology and geo-politics. Energy generation from natural resources is such a fundamental part of the balance (or unbalance) of financial power among the World’s nations that such a discovery would irrevocably change that. Just think, Enron II could be a network of imaginary companies pulling real world energy from an imaginary void, only kidding. Seriously though, I’m interested to see if this proposed innovation correlates with that other “energy from the void” proposal of a few years ago, Motionless Electromagmetic Generator or MEG. I’m not saying for a minute there’s will never be an established scientific basis for this but I’m surprised that no report I’ve read has mentioned the two ideas in the same breath where there appears to be a clear relationship in terms of the the technology used to realise the generators and its net effect, if you pardon the pun.
Incidentally (perhaps), steorn is an anagram of “no rest”.