Reasons why Arsenal didn’t win the European Cup

With thanks to RedIssue.
I’m sure Johnny K will get a kick out of this.

  • Theirry didn’t use a new shaving blade and the drag factor slowed him down
  • Lehmann’s breakfast egg’s over-cooked by 5 seconds causing him to fall heavily for the red card sending off. The Arsenal board will sue the hotel
  • The coach taking them to the stadium was coloured green – which is bad luck
  • Wenger: “Our players didn’t get enough time to recover from the last game of the season” (two weeks ago)
  • Wenger: “Unsettled future of Campbell, Cole and Henry unsettled the team spirit”
  • Wenger: “The home advantage was clearily and unfairly in Barcelona’s favour as Spain is closer to France than to England”
  • Eboue didn’t dive. The TV camera lens had a slight distortion on them making it seem that was. Eboue will be out injured next season
  • The bright reflection from Eto’s smiling teeth momentarily blinded Almunia for the first goal
  • Campbell: “The second goal wouldn’t have happened if the England manager had allowed Walcott to room with me. I’ve been worried to death about him rooming all on his own.”
  • Eboue: “It’s about time the world footballing authorities did something about divers.”

Excellent game though. One of the most enjoyable in years.