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GFree v Skype

We’re not a major multinational organisation like Google but that doesn’t mean we don’t deliver high quality hardware and software. For the business community we can see several clear advantages of FreeSpeech (GFree) against Skype based on the following comments from Networking Pipeline.

“1. Skype for Business still doesn’t provide centralized reporting, so business won’t be able to monitor how users spend Skype credits. There’s no way to monitor or prevent, for example, users from calling 900 numbers and the like.
2. Skype for Business doesn’t provide hunt groups where multiple extensions ring when a phone is dialed. Skype was expected to deliver that function in this release.
3. Call transfers still aren’t provided.
4. There’s no attendant or IVR function, which would redirect calls to other Skype numbers based on user selection. Many IVR functions can be provided through a Web page, but that won’t help users who might be calling in from the PSTN.
5. Calls are still encrypted, preventing businesses from ensuring that employees aren’t passing information that might violate regulatory restrictions.
6. Forget about E-911 compliance. There is none.”

So what can a business customer expect from our GFree package?

  • Centralised reporting as standard with statistics analysis a call/user level
  • Hunt groups and Virtual PBX functionality where required
  • Call Transfers available as standard
  • Auto-attendant and IVR as standard
  • Intra-business call’s aren’t encrypted. Logging software available on request
  • Each box is managed. We know where your calls originated from and we can prove it using timestamped & hashed CDRs. Generally we’d manage the phones and the UPS aswell using a secure VPN connection. It’s not quite E.911 compliance yet but we feel it comfortably meets the Irish Data Protection Act requirements

Skype is a great technology but it has its place.