Gaisan News

The times are a changing

It’s been a while since I posted about progress at my company Gaisan Technologies but I can assure readers that everything is going well. We’re continuing to develop websites at the rate of 3 professional quality sites / month. These are deluxe sites that normally include groupware, animation, graphic design, branding etc.

  • Gaisan has developed a comprehensive e-commerce solution called StoreFront that we’re going to start pushing agressively over the next few weeks.
  • We’re developing a showcase online store to sell a range of electronics products ranging from consumer electronics to PC’s and server gear. As the site says it’s “coming soon”
  • We’re organising a VoIP workshop with TSSG in the South East of Ireland and we expect good attendance from local businesses figres. The them of the workshop is Saving Money using VoIPMore details will be available soon on the main gaisan site