Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-09

  • @ireland Ireland in recession & Dallas on the tv. Reminds me of my childhood #
  • @patcarrolltouch @ireland @chrisdaygalway 'twas merely a joke without consideration for the technical definition of recession v depression #
  • Southfork doesn't look so impressive since every single builder/developer built an homage during boom time #dallas #
  • Never mind extracting methane from the seabed. There's plenty to extract from the plot of new #dallas #
  • @Rosbunny I wonder does acting ever become so bad that it's good. #dallas #
  • @Rachel_RK and @brendamannion ,thanks for the follow! #
  • @paulmwatson better still watch Adam Curtis documentary – All watched over by machines of loving grace… #
  • “@DZone: Stop Validating Email Addresses With Regex – – @DZone Big Link by egregory” <client-side val still useful #
  • @BrianGreene haha, Never thought I'd see a jedward / metric joke #
  • @IanDempsey that's a very modest salary for looking after all those clocks. Watch makers salaries are actually quite high. #
  • @derektroy only watch tg4 pour le francais. #
  • @ChloeD_ thanks for the follow. #
  • @normanwyse anyone in particular? #
  • @normanwyse What's he got against Mercedes, BMW or Lexus? Life can be a struggle on any salary if your committed outgoings are bigger. #
  • @davewiner wow, SVZ nailed it. Amazing that the DNC missed conveying what should be their primary message with clarity. #
  • @normanwyse certainly, it's an ill conceived message. However, quotes taken out of context are (cont) #
  • @normanwyse the rationality of his choices are suspect but that's the case for most of the population during an irrational boom #
  • @normanwyse absolutely but it's pennies relative to earnings of many in financial services. Awful (cont) #