Gaisan Technologies - Software for the business Community, Web Design, Graphic Design, Custom Software Development, VoIP, Mambo

Software for the Business Community

Gai-san - Chinese philosophy of "Collective Improvement"
"Collective Improvement" means promoting efficiency and growth throughout your supply chain.

Gaisan Technologies is an Irish IT company that specialises in VoIP deployments (FreeSpeech), Web & Graphic design, eCommerce and Custom software design.

Our philosophy is to provide a quality service second to none while helping our customers answer the following questions...

  • How can your business lower it's telecommunications costs with VoIP?
  • How can a website increase sales and profits?
  • How can your business sell online effectively?
  • How can your business use appropriate technology to increase productivity and performance for you and your partners?
  • How can your business protect it's vital data in the event of a disaster?

We provide right-size IT solutions, using best-of-breed open source technologies where appropriate, to increase the value and performance of your IT systems.

We believe that too many smaller businesses focus on controlling and limiting the cost of their IT systems rather than maximising their value to the company.