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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-19

  • "standup seats" on airline revealed. I think this is more airline greed than consumer choice http://yhoo.it/aNKQyw #
  • love it when people commit you to work without asking you if there's any time to do it #
  • How can we build a knowledge econ when the Minister for Science is promoting crackpot anti-evolutionary views http://bit.ly/ahk4Ed #
  • RT @davidmcw: So we are going to get more budget cuts to impress the markets who are not demanding budget cuts but bank closures… #
  • Everytime there's dissent there's a 20 minute lecture on why we're wrong… it was tedious about 2 years ago., it's worse now #
  • @mrs_schregardus brilliant. Still laughing in reply to mrs_schregardus #
  • Listening to this bona fide nutjob J May saying "ridiculous" a lot & talking about things he knows little about. Muppet #