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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-12

  • @fionahaughney @paulmwatson talking about what before? #
  • @paulmwatson @fionahaughney yes, definitely were #
  • @normanwyse yes, meant to drop an email. Bisys are Citi's subsidiary in Waterford. It's v good news #
  • @ronanlyons @NoreenBowden I think it's odd when ppl focus on gov pay. The right taoiseach wld b worth the money. 2 separate issues? #
  • Chess puzzles always want me to sacrifice my queen, often leading to temporary material disadvantage. I find this upsetting 🙂 #
  • @pims50 Not in favour of these bonuses but the bank has a point. Contract law is VERY clear & aib's advisors were prob correct #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-05

  • @brian_foley only watching for the past few minutes. Has Dunphy thrown his pencil across the desk yet? #
  • @normanwyse thing is.. Ireland changed a lot between 80s and late 90s but the corruption remained #rtept #
  • @normanwyse agreed so I put off #rtept as I’ve heard all this shite before.. vision, innovation, leadership, creativity, _CORRUPTION_ #
  • Putin leads “mafia state” according to Wikileaks. http://bit.ly/fLmIP9 Wow, it’s just one shock after another 🙂 # Continue reading