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Updates necessary, no longer a nice to have

This blog is being neglected. It saddens me to see but between twittering, looking at facebook and generally messing around known as work; I haven’t had the time to update my blog. There’s a few changes in the wings like

  1. A movable type upgrade
  2. A redesign of the site (long long overdue)
  3. Twitter and FB linkage and plugins

The blog format is much less restrictive than twitter’s but it would be nice to have my tweets recorded here too. Anyway, as before it’ll be the big bang approach, any weekend now… 🙂

z4 for sale

I’ve been talking about it for a while but I’ve finally put my BMW z4 on the market. I’ll really miss it but I’d like a change. Also, I rarely drove the thing as R & I use our nissan jeep to collect and deliver art around the country. Apart from being driven a few miles to work and back, it’s been unused. I’d often look at it parked outside the house and think it would be an awful shame to damage it. So that translated into R never feeling comfortable driving it and me washing it and polishing a lot. I remember jbwan expressing similar feelings about his BMW z3.

z4 picture

It’s on at the moment and you can see the ad here.

my whereabouts

I’ve had a few comments over the past few weeks about my whereabouts and the future of Gaisan Technologies. Well, I’ve been working the past few months as a contractor within a WIT campus company focusing on next generation telecoms services (what else ? :)).
I’m happy to say that I’m now working with TSSG most days. Gaisan is still running, still open for business and still doing consulting on telecoms and contract software development. However, there will be many changes over the next few months and I’ll keep you abreast of these on my blog. I guess an interesting opportunity came about and I felt compelled to take it.