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OK, there’s a coffee drinking german in the 4th house who keeps fish as pets. Lucky the cats are in the first house, a safe distance away. The really funny thing about this particular puzzle is how similiar to sudoku it really is. For anyone living in siberia for the last few months Sudoku is really addictive. You start with small easy games and move on up to medium, hard & mind-numbing. Richard Rodgers had quite a few fascinating posts on solving it using a procedural approach. Generally, I prefer a declarative approach and prolog is definitely my language of choice. However, if anyone can come up with a tasty way to solve it using neural nets I’d love to see it.

The continuing story of john obi mikel, a footballer in limbo

Thought this was an excellent article on the seemingly endless saga surrounding Nigerian footballer John Obi Mikel. It’s well structured and clearly thought out. Read it here
The actions of the players’ agents (if indeed they are that) certainly appear to be highly cynical. In particular, the attempted circumvention of binding arbitration from FIFA in favour of a Norwegian court ruling wasn’t helpful. It’s difficult to argue with the contention that the player himself could have sorted out this mess if he’d adopted a more direct approach with both clubs. Still, given the intrigue of death-threats, kidnappings etc., it’s easy to argue there were mitigating circumstances.